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Hi! I’m Saurabh and I hope to connect with you through my written works, both poetic and textual. Currently, I work as a consultant in a global firm in Bengaluru, India and I enjoy contemplating life’s purpose. Through this blog, I hope to gain deeper insight into the meaning of life by sharing my daily musings and reflections. I’d love to engage with you through the comments section on my posts or you can reach out to me directly at saurabh1921[at]gmail.com.

The Mindful section of the website is dedicated to finding simple solutions to life’s complex problems. Whether it’s stress, difficult relationships, or low motivation levels, mindfulness has an answer for us all. Despite its simplicity, it’s a powerful tool that can help us clear our minds and lead a peaceful and happy life. Most of the content in this section is inspired by the teachings of the Buddha, as well as modern Buddhist figures like Thich Nhat Hanh, Ajahn Brahm, and more.

You’ll find a wealth of content on mindfulness, compassionate living, and related subjects. I refer to myself as lovefulsoul and I am simply another traveler on this journey of life, hoping to spread love and compassion to as many people as possible. This blog serves as my platform to do so. I have a special interest in mindfulness and meditation, which is why I named this section The Mindful.

I’ve spent over 10 years exploring different forms of meditation to improve my mental and spiritual wellbeing. I see life as a great adventure and I want to share my experiences and lessons learned with others on this journey. My sources of learning include a few months spent in a monastic setting, where I practiced the principles I have learned from my various experiences. My dream has always been to delve into the depths of the inner realm, and that drives me to continue growing in life. I continue to practice various forms of meditation and read spiritual texts in my quest for soul-searching. My goal is to connect with everyone and share the spiritual insights and practices that have helped me live a calm, peaceful, and fulfilling life in recent years. I believe they will also be beneficial to you on your own path.

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