How to read any book on Kindle for Free

Are you a skimmer like me and want to just skim through many books without bothering to buy each of them? Then let me guide you on how.

Libgen – the core source


      1. Search for Libgen on Google

      1. Go to the first or second link and search for your favourite book

      1. Look for the book with the Mobi extension file (Kindle supports Mobi files only natively). This book will come precisely as any other Kindle-purchased book with a cover and proper formatting, unlike the converted PDF docs file.

      1. If the Mobi option isn’t available for your book and there is an epub option only (apart from pdf), download the epub version and convert it to Mobi by any online converter

      1. Take the Mobi file and send it to the kindle email you would have configured through your Kindle account. Alternatively, you can also drop the Mobi file by connecting your kindle to your computer through a USB.

      1. You are good to go with your book loaded on your Kindle for free

    Few points to note:


        • These docs files won’t show up highlights on the Amazon cloud reader

        • You won’t be able to import the highlights by connecting to Cloud reader. For importing the highlights you can always connect to your computer and sync your My Clippings.txt to readwise or any other note-syncing tool

        • Libgen is a library website banned in a few countries and has numerous similar websites available as many may keep getting blocked. Look for a website with a similar-looking interfac

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